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Demonstration, Hands-On, and
Team Building Cooking Classes
Book Signings and Special Events

Bringing the flavors of the world into homes and kitchens is Sheilah Kaufman’s greatest gift. As the award-winning author of 26 delectable cookbooks,  a culinary instructor, culinary lecturer, and food editor for more than 40 years, Sheilah has shared her great passion for richly flavored, no-fuss food and cooking with thousands of home chefs across the nation, from Hawaii and Alaska to Maine, and to Mexico. With her expertise in international cuisine, she specializes in teaching students how to entertain with style and ease.

Known by students and home chefs as the spokeswoman for all things “fearless and fussless,” Sheilah brings to the table uniquely refreshing and creative recipes that are practical and easy while maintaining a delicious elegance. With her many helpful hints and tips Sheilah removes the intimidation from cooking and entertaining.  In her books, The Turkish Cookbook Regional Recipes and Stories (Interlink), A Taste of Turkish Cuisine, and Sephardic Israeli Cuisine (Hippocrene Books), Sheilah shares with her readers the deeply beautiful tapestry of Turkish and Israeli food and culture, offering a multitude of delicious and healthful recipes that can easily be re-created in the American home and kitchen.

Few culinary instructors have achieved the culinary versatility that Sheilah has with her books and classes, spanning global cuisine from French and Mexican to Kosher and Mediterranean. Sheilah has taught thousands of students who are endeared by her ability to teach all forms of cooking with humor.

Sheilah demonstrates the ease of entertaining with recipes that usually take about 30 minutes preparation time while achieving stunning results. Recognized as an expert on entertaining, Glamour magazine noted, “If you like to entertain, Sheilah’s Fearless Fussless Cookbook, should be your best friend.”   

A popular cooking instructor Sheilah has taught for La Academie de Cuisine, Sur la Table, Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Metropolitan Food and Entertaining Show, Central Market, Aprons Cooking Schools, Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, Cooks Warehouse, In Good Taste, Wegmans,  Kitchen Affairs, and on television shows around the country.


  • Epcot Food and Wine Festival
  • Metropolitan Food and Entertaining Show
  • Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation
  • Turkish Festivals around the country
  • Jewish and non-Jewish Book Fairs



  • Sur La Table, Washington, Illinois, Va.
  • L’Academie de Cuisine, Md.
  • Cook’s Warehouse, Atlanta, Ga.
  • Chopping Block, Chicago
  • Kitchen Affairs, Indiana
  • In Good Taste, Portland, Oregon
  • Liberty House, Hawaii and California
  • Burdines, Fla.
  • Joskes, Texas
  • Bloomingdales, NY, Mass., MD.
  • Macy’s, NY, PA, California
  • Highbee’s, Ohio



  • Aprons, Publix, Fla., Ga.
  • Wegmans, NY
  • Whole Foods, DC, Md.
  • Central Market, Texas
  • Gelsons, Calf.
  • Jungle Jim’s, Ohio
  • Sutton Place Gourmet, Md.     



  • Barnes and Noble
  • Borders
  • Independent bookstores


  • Royal Caribbean
  • Celebrity
  • Delta Queen


  • Smithsonian
  • Jewish Museum of Montreal


  • Les Dames d’Escoffier
  • Culinary Historians
  • Slow Foods
  • Brandeis
  • Jewish Federations
  • Hadassah
  • Turkish Embassy
  • Turkish Cultural Centers, Canada, Fla., Seattle


  • Demonstration- Demonstration-style classes allows students to sit, relax, and watch as Sheilah moves step-by-step through each recipe. There is no hands-on participation by students.

  • Hands-On- With Sheilah's guidance, students assist in preparing recipes and then at the end of the class, they sit down together to enjoy the meal that they've made. This class offers an intimate and highly educational experience gleaned from one-on-one interaction with Sheilah.




The exotic and delightful flavors of Turkish cuisine have ignited a wave of popularity throughout the United States as food magazines tout Turkish foods as among the up and coming ethnic favorites. In one of Sheilah's most popular classes, you will learn how to create authentic Turkish recipes in your own kitchen, and, at the same time, learn something about the history of Turkish cuisine! With Sheilah's expert guidance and easy-to-follow recipes, you will explore the great variety and simplicity found in this diverse and dynamic cuisine.  Learn why Turkey is the home of the Mediterranean Diet, and healthful eating.


A combination of tastes, and an explosion of flavors from countries around the Mediterranean.  A great introduction to this area for those who have never traveled there but and would like to sample and learn how to make great dishes from exotic places


Join Sheilah in an exploration of Sephardic Israeli cuisine! The rich tapestry of food and culture throughout Israel and its neighboring countries around the Mediterranean are considered by many to be one of the most healthful and most flavorful cuisines. With this class, Sheilah shares delightful, easy-to-prepare dishes that are her personal favorites and are so easy to prepare!


Around the world, small bites or appetizers play an important and delicious role in the meals of many…..whetting our appetites for the courses to come. Intensely flavorful and easy to prepare, Sheilah will share her favorite recipes for these mouth-watering morsels with international flair. Perfect for entertaining, these nibbles can be served as appetizers or as satisfying entrees.


Chocolate lovers will delight in Sheilah’s cure for the chocoholic in all of us! You’ll never be intimidated again by cooking with chocolate as Sheilah shows you how to easily prepare some of the most delicious desserts you’ve ever tasted!  Learn the differences in the types of chocolate, and how to select the right one. Learn how to taste chocolate and work with it, and some history and healthful benefits of this gift from the gods.


Celebrate "new beginnings" for the different Jewish holidays by creating your own new traditions for celebratory meals that can be made ahead or frozen. Jewish holidays are laden with traditions that many modern cooks are loath to forsake. At the same time, these traditions may feel like the 'same old, same old', which usually translates into heavy, fattening dishes. This year, why not start your own traditions in the kitchen by blending new elements with the more familiar ones! Find out why there is more to Jewish holiday cooking than brisket, chicken soup, and matzoh balls.


What's fragile, blond, bubbly, with a body to die for? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's beer --the secret ingredient that chefs and cooks in the know have been using in recipes from soups to desserts. Learn about the different styles of beer (there are over 50) and over 5000 different beers. Learn the history of beer, how to select and pair it, tips and hints on using it, and great recipes to prepare with it.  If possible, nice to pair with a local brewmaster..


With the government telling us to eat two to five portions of veggies and fruits a day,  it is even more important for people to know how to buy, store, and prepared delicious main or side dishes with the most important plants on the planet.   Learn all you need to know by preparing new versions of old traditional dishes, and exciting international dishes.


What cooking schools, organizations, and Culinary Professionals
have to say about Sheilah Kaufman

Sizzleworks Cooking School
Bellevue, WA 98007
April 2012
To Whom It May Concern:
As a fellow culinary educator, I am proud to be associated with Sheilah Kaufman. In fact, Sheilah has taught as a guest chef here at Sizzleworks Cooking School and was well received. Her classes were sellouts, her food was devoured from the plates of students, and her books flew off the shelves.

As owner of a recreational cooking school, I take tremendous pride in providing a positive cooking experience for our students, from the front door experience forward. Sheilah always goes the extra mile to bring her food to life for the class, making the recipes easily recreated in a student’s home kitchen. My clientele gives her rave reviews, especially after consuming every scrap of the numerous dishes Sheilah has created with them. And she is always willing to share her knowledge with them, being a very approachable teacher and author.
Sheilah has always focused on giving before getting. She is deeply committed to educating those who want to become better cooks, by helping them to acquire the skills and knowledge to be more successful in the kitchen. Her enthusiasm for teaching is contagious.
I have so enjoyed working with Sheilah, and highly recommend her for any part in your organization. She is thorough and accountable, and will always come through, with a smile and a good word. She is a delight with whom to work.  Carol Dearth, CCP, Master Chef, Owner
“Sheilah is a treat! From soup to nuts, she’s a pro. Her cooking classes are fun and fast-paced with recipes and hints you’ll use for years. As for her cookbooks, the wide-range (of topics) fill every need. Sheilah Kaufman is fabulous.” Scotty Hart, Editor WOMEN TODAY Newspaper
“Some people are born to cook. Some people are born to teach. Sheilah Kaufman is born to do both. A natural in the kitchen, Ms. Kaufman conducts cooking classes that are both inventive and inviting, sending her students home (‹after they have sampled everything they've cooked) with a sheaf of recipes and delicious food memories.” Sandra Greeley, Food Editor, VEGETARIAN TIMES
“Sheilah Kaufman probably has the most devoted following of any of our instructors. Those who have taken one or two classes with her previously are the first on the list when we put her name on the schedule. We enjoy her company, her books, her teaching, and her food!” Kitchen Affairs,  Mike Sackett

"Sheilah has decades of experience and has a wealth of knowledge about all things culinary. I have worked with Sheilah, learned from Sheilah, and have several of Sheilah's cookbooks, and I can tell you that she is tremendously skilled at sharing what she knows. She is an amiable, energetic, and entertaining guide in the world of good food, and I would recommend her as a writer and instructor to anyone who wants to have a lot of fun while learning."  Cynthia Clampitt

— §§§§§

March 24, 2013

Nadine Schneider                                                                                                                                
Associate Director                                                                                                                   
United Jewish Communities
Dear Nadine,

It was such a pleasure to have Sheilah Kaufman as the speaker at our Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Lion of Judah Outreach Brunch on January 11, 2013. The women thoroughly enjoyed her enlightening presentation of the History of the Jews in Turkey and their culinary traditions. They were delighted to learn so many interesting facts relating to the use of many of the foods and spices we use today and how they originated with the Jews in Turkey. Her pleasant and easy going approach to presenting the information showed a blend of competence, experience and cordiality.

In addition it was a delight to have Sheilah as my house guest the evening before the presentation. We had a wonderful time sharing the preparation of her Red Pepper and Walnut Dip to bring to the tea the next day as an example of one of the many delicious and easy recipes that originated in Turkey. We “cook” well together and it was a lot of fun. The women loved hearing Sheilah’s presentation of this part of Jewish History with its diversity and culture. The ladies enjoyed tasting the dip recipe as well as having one of Sheilah’s cook books to take home with them. It was a wonderful afternoon and I give Sheilah the highest praise.
Sandra J Perkins                                                                                                         
Addison Reserve Community Chairman
Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County
7527 Isla Verde Way • Delray Beach, Florida • 33446
Phone: 561-499-0001 • Fax: 561-499-0002

— §§§§§ —


I’m delighted to write to you in regard to culinary writer and lecturer Sheilah Kaufman. Over the past forty years, she has more than proven her ability as a prolific writer of cookbooks, a food writer, a lecturer and an instructor. She has, over time, developed a relationship of mutual respect with the Turkish community. Sheilah is the author of two Turkish cookbooks, both of which were written with the Nur Ilkin, wife of a former Turkish Ambassador to the United States. Nur and Sheilah became friends through a diplomatic group both belong to in the Washington, D.C.
Sheilah has done extensive research into the history of Turkey and has a strong grasp of not only our cuisine, but our culture. Among her previous experience is speaking to large audiences at the Turkish Embassy, including one program for social studies teachers from all over the state of Maryland. For a number of years she has participated at the Turkish Festival by lecturing on Turkish Cuisine and providing cooking demonstrations. Sheilah received a prestigious accolade from the Turkish community when she was singled out as a woman of distinction by the Daughters of Ataturk. This is an honor that is normally only awarded to Turkish women. They, in a sense, made her one of our own.
I’m honored to know this charming, talented woman and highly recommend her as a lecturer on Turkish cuisine.
Demet Cabbar, Head of Washington DC Turkish Festival


Dear Sheilah,

You Are Special! And not only did you make the evening fun, supplied us with new and delicious recipes, but you inspired me to try something other than Italian, French, or American!  Thank you!  I am campaigning with Teresa to bring you back.  We loved your spirit and your no-nonsense way to doing things! 

Again, thank you Sheilah for coming.  You were a breath of fresh air.  And, I can't wait to get my hands on the anxiously awaited "blue cookbook".  I will call KC as soon as I finish this. :)   Hope to see you again!  p.s.  I was really glad I attend both sessions - all the rest missed out!  Best wishes,  Patrice Maurer

— §§§§§ —


Thanks so much for the delightful class. As a fulltime practicing physician, I feel like you have given me more practical information than years of reading magazines such as Martha, Gourmet, etc. I love the recipes, and am going to try the freezing. I have never had success with freezing before, but am much more confident. I am so anxious to try it for entertaining; this weekend I am doing the soup, with leftovers of course from my first trial of cooking with your recipes.

I hope you come back to Portland soon, I would love to come to another class and bring my mom.  

— §§§§§ —

Hi Sheilah, 

I learned a lot from you and am anxious to try some of your fantastic recipes on my family.  Thanks for sharing your energy and expertise!  I can't wait to share your apricots with my book club.  I can't believe that you actually share your phone number.  You are an awesome lady, if you ever get to Dubuque, Iowa please give ME a call. 

Julie Small

— §§§§§


Arthur and I LOVED the class. Your style was warm and helpful, the general information you gave was practical as well as informative. It seemed to be all new information that you learned from really practicing your art, not something that you read and repeated. You made us feel as though it was a private cooking class, not a commercial venture. Also, the recipes were delightful and I can't wait to try them. Last night we bought all the ingredients for the garlic dip and that's what we are having for dinner tonight (not as an appetizer). I look forward to taking all the classes you give next time you come. Linda Stein

— §§§§§

Dear Sheilah:

The class was awesome. I called Trisha at Cooks the next morning to let her know how great the class was. Thank you so much for all of your help and tips with my church cooking. You have opened up new avenues for me that I look forward to travelling down. Mother and I are having the Mango Chicken Quesadillas for dinner tonight and the pumpkin empanadas for breakfast in the morning. Please let me know when you will be in the Atlanta area for any further classes. I look forward to cooking with you again in the future. Mitzi Lewis
Sheilah is an absolute delight to work with. She demonstrated recipes from two of her cookbooks and got all of our author-luncheon attendees involved. Her green bean dish and pumpkin empanadas were fabulous. It was great fun for all of the women and staff too! Everyone left with new cookbooks and lots of helpful cooking hints. We would love to have Sheilah return for another event. Marilyn Weintraub, Assistant Director Jewish Federation of Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys 
Thank you again so much for Friday afternoon.  Everyone had a wonderful time, and some have even said it was one of the best team activities we’ve had so far! Jasmine Jesnsen, Capital One  (Tax Department Cooking Class Team Building Function)
Thank you so much for an outstanding cooking class! That was my first time at Apron's and I am so glad it was with you and your wonderful recipes. I sent out the Kugel and Lamb recipe to several friends and am making both of them for my parents next week!
I hope you return to Sarasota and offer the around the world appetizers.


— §§§§§

Sheilah, L'Shana Tova.

Your culinary knowledge is wonderful and the class was great. Making the couscous was -an added bonus. I look forward to the next time you are in Sarasota.
As an aside, I'm co-chair for the fundraising in our temple and would love to do an event with you. What would it take: cost, timing, etc.? Will you be in our area again in the near future? Thanks again,
Susan Kulbersh


September 8, 2011

AVIVA HADASSAH’S  Annual Kickoff Meeting with lecture on The History of the Jews and Chocolate and a chocolate tasting by Sheilah Kaufman, cookbook author, cooking teacher, food editor, and culinary lecturer.

Aviva's kick-off meeting of the year

with special guest

Sheilah Kaufman

History of Jews and Chocolate: A Love Story

Enjoy learning the connection between Jews and chocolate from a delightful and renowned cooking instructor, cookbook author (26 cookbooks), culinary lecturer, and food editor. 

"Over the years, Ms. Kaufman has earned a name for herself as a "chef extraordinaire" with her uniquely refreshing, creative yet practical approach that demystifies gourmet cooking."

Aviva Group of Greater Washington Chapter of Hadassah

— §§§§§

September 26, 2011
Dear Sheilah,
What a treat, figuratively and literally!  Thank you for presenting such an interesting talk at Aviva’s opening meeting this month.  Clearly, the topic of Chocolate and the Jewish Connection was a draw.  We normally expect forty women and sixty plus responded positively.  As you know, we actually had to close the e-vite when we reached capacity in the Potomac Park party room! 

Our members enjoyed learning about the history of chocolate and its properties as well as how involved Jewish traders and manufacturers were in the world of chocolate.  Your knowledge of the dual subject was quite impressive.   I’m sure the women were pleased to have access to your notes and recipes on our e-Blast.   There was no doubt that the chocolate tastings and treats on the buffet were a hit. I’ve never seen so many around the table at one time!  Those who risked the dangers of the storm that night were richly rewarded.

Sherry Kabran and Helene Kahan

Co Presidents of Aviva Group of Greater Washington Chapter of Hadassah

— §§§§§

October 25, 2011
Helene Smith
Congregation Beth El Sisterhood
Norfolk, VA 23517
Sheilah, regarding your program on History of the Jews and Chocolate (with dinner and a chocolate tasting) I have to tell you:
“I went to the temple today to start our next project and we discussed last evening and everyone had had positive feedback.  this was the largest crowd that we have had and it was a success because of you.  what a wonderful history lesson on jews and chocolate.  of course everyone loved the chocolate and by the amount of pounds that we ate you can vouch for that!!
Please keep in touch and thank you again for making the journey to norfolk. 

— §§§§§

October 29, 2010
Dear Sheilah,

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful program you did for our congregation on October 23, 2010.  The Chocolate Lover's Delight was indeed delightful.  Your discussion of the history of chocolate and of the involvement of Jews in the development of the chocolate industry was informative and entertaining.  Your explanation of the characteristics of chocolate and guide to tasting was the perfect lead in to the actual sampling of the gourmet chocolates you provided.  And, of course, the samples of the chocolate desserts that you allowed me to assist you in preparing ahead of time in the comfort and convenience of your own home kitchen were delicious.  All in all, the program was a huge hit with those who attended.  I am still receiving compliments and kudos from our members.  Indeed, one of the attendees was so impressed she told her mother all about it and now her mother is interested in having you do a program at Leisure World Retirement Community. 
In closing, I just want to say that it was an absolute pleasure working with you.  Your warmth and kindness are matched by your professionalism and readiness to do whatever it takes to present a successful program.  I hope that we will have a chance to do another program in the near future.  Again, I can't thank you enough!
Hillary Finkel   

Oseh Shalom Congregation.
7515 Olive Branch Way, Laurel, MD 20707 | tel. 301-498-5151

— §§§§§

Dear Sheilah:

I want to thank you so very much on behalf of myself and the Valencia Pointe Cancer Research Unit.
The cooking class and luncheon that you so generously provided for us on June 7th, was a rave success.  All the participants not only learned wonderful and useful cooking techniques from you, but they also shared in the delectable food that you prepared.
You managed to make the presentation so enjoyable because of your warm personality and your delightful stories of all the exotic places you have visited.

The food became more meaningful and memorable. 
They would all love to participate again in any class you choose to present.
Again, many thanks.  Sharon Goodhart

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