Turkish cookbook

July 13, 2011

Stopped at the library after work last night because B texted and said he was going to be late meeting at the gym.  As it turned out he called again and confirmed that we might as well meet at home because he was still at work.  I was fine with that so browsed without having to rush.  Saw a book on the return-to-the-shelf-rack…”Turkish cookbook” … Browsed a couple pages and immediately was taken in.   Recipes I HAVE to make!  Book is authored by Nur Ilkin and Sheilah Kaufman and published in 2010 so very new.  A lot of history presented as well as careful and clear food descriptions and prep.  I will have to google some things like certain peppers and beans to find out what they are, can I find them here or what would be a substitute.  There’s nothing “gourmet” here, its all basic pantry foods, beans, rice, veges and spices. Mouth is watering and its only 6:00 am!  I’ve got the book open to cabbage rolls….similiar to mine but with a variation in spices..Mmmmm.    Its the kind of book I wouldn’t mind owning!